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Our Options Have Changed is LIVE!

2 years in the making.
3 lead artists.
4 programmers.
5 directors.
7 writers.
25 actors.
1 brilliant sound designer and 1 clutch sound engineer.
Dozens of choose-your-own-adventure pathways to uncover.

Dive into the Holistic Wellness Hopeline
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Flux Theatre Ensemble presents the world premiere of Our Options Have Changed, an interactive audio experience on your phone

Lead artists: Corey Allen, Emily Hartford, Will Lowry

In Our Options Have Changed, a series of crises have put a country on the brink of social collapse. A beloved wellness company named All for One has risen to power by helping people cope through their ‘holistic hopeline.’ In this telephonic choose-your-own-adventure, each participant will have a unique experience. Explore the interactive wellness opportunities, find the ways to leave your own mark on the hopeline… or go down the rabbit hole in a search for hidden truth. Callers can make multiple calls and spend as much–or as little–time as they like on the hopeline. All in all, Our Options Have Changed offers over three hours of potential experiences to uncover.

Go deeper by following @holisticwellnesshopeline on Instagram and @ouroptionshavechanged on TikTok.

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