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Heather Cohn wins FringeNYC Award for Other Bodies direction!

Great news, Fluxers! Other Bodies director Heather Cohn just won a FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for her direction, and we’re all excited and proud. This was a difficult play, but Heather found passion, clarity and a beautiful theatricality in spite of the challenges. Hip hip hooray and huzzah! There is much more to say about…

Other Bodies at FringeNYC

“How like a lover, the body promises and gives, and promises and gives, and then watches each gift go…”“My body is not my body. My voice is not my voice.”(Photo: Isaiah Tannenbaum, Terry: Vince Nappo, Time et. al: Christina Shipp) Flux’s Season of Transformation continues with Other Bodies, a fever dream of a play following…

Good News from Fractured Atlas

The wonderful organization Fractured Atlas has just awarded Flux our first grant! Thanks go to Heather and Kelly for their great work on this. Onward and upward and one step at a time.