Angel Eaters Podcast on

On Monday of this week, Angel Eaters Trilogy playwright Johnna Adams, and Angel Eaters actor Marnie Schulenburg and I visited the studio of and impresarios Martin and Rochelle Denton to record a podcast. This podcast was hosted by Trav SD, and also features interviews and performance excerpts from “The Complete Performer,” “Time Step,” “East 10th Street,” “The Most Damaging Wound,” and “As We Speak.

To listen to the podcast, just click this sentence and kick back with a cold drink or a hot coffee.

Angel Eaters is the second company featured on the podcast, and you can hear Marnie read an excerpt from Angel Eaters as her character, Joann. Thanks to Rochelle’s editing, I sound much more coherent than I actually was; but Johnna’s talk about growing up as a neighbor of President W was unfortunately cut. However, that was undoubtedly to make room for the other excellent companies, which include the fascinating Axis Company and a tap number! Check it out, and while your online, why not buy some tickets?

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