Dog Act Review: Mateo Moreno; Big Vision, Empty Wallet

(Photo: Isaiah Tanenbaum. Pictured: Liz Douglas, Becky Byers)

I hadn’t heard of Big Vision, Empty Wallet (though I connect a wee bit with the concept) and so was psyched that Mateo Moreno’s review was not only good, but introduced me to a new website! It’s a combo review with Beirut, another play that imagines the future, and though there are many quotes I like, I was particularly struck by this:

Liz Douglas is an intriguing villain, where the villain isn’t really a villain. Her Vera is simply looking out for herself, and won’t be left out alone in the cold again.

I like this because I think Liz does an excellent job at tapping into the grief and desperation of Vera without ever diminishing her power.
So, (you know how this song goes by now), read the whole review, then get your tix, and then leave your own thoughts on the play here.

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